Bus Service

Canyon Grove is excited to be able to offer busing for our students!

View the Bus Map in Google Maps here

• Fees are $25 each month per student
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Reasons to ride the bus

• You are supporting the school mission.
• It reduces our shared impact on the environment and Utah Valley air quality.
• It limits the traffic burden we place on local roadways.

It is the safest form of transportation to and from school

• According to the American School Bus Council, riding in a school bus is safer than using any other form of transportation – including personal vehicles.
• Each of our buses meets current safety standards, uses stop arms and has emergency exits.
• Bus driver procedures and student behavior will follow the safety guidelines from the Transportation Policy and the Standards for Utah School Buses and Operations (Utah Administrative Code R277-601).

It saves you money! It saves you time! It is more convenient and there will be lots of incentives!

• Families typically save over $600 a year by riding the bus. According to commuteinfo.org, the cost to commute (for just 3 miles each way) is over $90 a month and over $800 for the school year. Bus fees are only $25 per month.
• You will typically save 15-30 minutes each day vs. commuting.
• It is convenient – your children will arrive in time to eat breakfast at school with their friends and lets you do away with the time and stress of daily pick-up and drop-off traffic.
• Students who ride the bus will receive the same incentives given to carpooling and walking/biking students.
• Many of your child’s friends will be riding the bus.

3 Responses to Bus Service

  1. Jadynn Dean says:

    Jadynn would get on buss from home address @ 1856 North 230 East and get off buss at Orem locations close to 520 East 800 North. Please confirm buss locations for drop off and pickup.

  2. Bethany Taylor says:

    The form has Bus stops as letters as A, B, C, etc However on the map the stops have numbers stop 9, stop 10, etc. What do we put on the form or are they change one to match the other?

  3. Debra White says:

    Please create a stop near our address, 448 N 680 W American Fork. We are not within walking distance of any stops and it is extremely difficult for me to drive him to a bus stop as I have to be to work by 6:30am. In previous years we’ve had a stop at 500 N and 680 W (near the LDS stake center). Please bring this stop back, thank you.

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