Canyon Grove Academy uses curriculum that is research-based, has a track record of success in other schools and integrates with our differentiated instruction and cross-curricular reinforcement.


For English Language Arts we will use The Spalding Method.

As the base to the English Language Arts program, The Spalding Method uses scientifically-based best practices to teach spelling, reading and writing. Spalding lessons include:

– Phonemic awareness Composition
– Systematic phonics Literary appreciation
– High-frequency vocabulary Text structure
– Word meanings and usages Fluency
– Word parts Listening
– Grammar Reading comprehension

Learn more about The Spalding Method at:

For Mathematics we will use Math Expressions.

Math Expressions is an inquiry-based (sometimes called “IB”) program.  In this program teachers create an inquiry environment and encourage constructive discussion. Students invent, question, model, represent and explore but also learn and practice important math strategies.

Mathematics content and models connect and build across the grade levels in Math Expressions to provide a progression of teaching and learning that aligns precisely with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.

Learn more about math expressions at:

For Science we will use Foss Science.

The Foss program has 41 modules and is a hands-on, discovery curriculum. Foss helps students find a love for science.

Learn more about Foss Science at:

For Social Studies we will use Core Knowledge Social Studies.

In World and American History, students learn stories of major events and figures from prehistory to modern times. The Core Knowledge content builds year upon year to help children gain a greater understanding of the development of human civilizations, world cultures, the formation of the United States and principles of American democracy.

Learn more about Core Knowledge Social Studies at:


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