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We provide a computer and online educational activities for all students.  The list includes: Sumdog, Spelling City, Keyboarding without tears, Visualize World Geography, Taken Charge, theahhamoment (an online art curriculum), Middlebury foreign language, Aleks, Dreambox, Reading Eggs, Reading A-Z, Tales2go and Waterford.


Saxon, Math Mammoth, Right Start, Singapore, Math U See, Moving Beyond the Page,  Spelling workout, Growing with Grammar, Soaring with Spelling, Winning with Writing, All About Reading, All About Spelling, Logic of English, Language Smarts, Explode the Code, First Language Lessons, Shurley English, Institute for Excellence in Writing and more.

Resource Library

Our resources are designed to bring more fun to your learning.  We do the research and collect the supplies.  You enjoy educating your kids.   We have Microscopes, Telescopes, Mango Math games, Science kits, Sassafras Science, Building blocks of Science, Literature packets, Critical thinking curriculum,  Life of Fred and other living math literature, Beginning readers, McGruffy Readers, Learning Palettes, Song School Latin, Latin for Children,  Literature Guides, Audiobooks, Art History kits, Musician Kits, Snap Circuits, Engino, Thames and Kosmos sets.

Epic Day

Our Epic Adventure for 2016/17 is American History. Our classes are hands on, engaging and interactive.

This full day of classes includes all our favorites:  Character trait of the month, Epic Adventure, Science, Animal Encounters, Writing, Ooey Gooey Explosive Science, STEM, Music & Drama, Arts & Crafts, Pioneers and American Indians.

Specials Day

Students enjoy ½ day of specialty classes which include: Violin, Piano, Guitar, Ukelele, Cooking, Sewing, Seasonal Crafts, Pottery, Painting, Drawing, Princess Etiquette, Self-Esteem for Girls, Life Skills for Boys, Karate, Lego Robotics, Theatre, Dance, Photography, Entrepreneur, Service, Yoga, Wilderness Survival Skills.

Educational Specialist

Your Educational Specialist is available to help you with your child’s educational needs. Monthly meetings encourage and support goal setting and progress.  Standards are proved through Benchmark and State testing.

Field Trips

We organize enriching family fieldtrips at least twice a month.  Mom, Dad and younger siblings are all invited.   Some of the field trips we have enjoyed have been Living Aquarium, State Fair, Black Island Farms, Heroes of War, Union Station, Heber Creeper North Pole Express, Nutcracker, Treehouse Museum, Natural History Museum, Discovery Gateway, Timber Cirque Alfonse, Mummies of the World, Clark Planetarium, Shakespeare, Hill Airforce, Kangaroo Zoo, Eccles Dinosaur Park, Tracy Aviary, Dr Kaboom.


A sense of belonging and community is created through spending time and serving together.  We organize, with the help of parents, class parties, service projects, clubs, activities and productions for our performance classes.


 Click here to read Canyon Grove’s policy on Distance and Blended Learning

30 Responses to Distance Education

  1. Frankie Terry says:

    I had a couple of questions about this. So for the two days, epic/specials day, would our students come to your school campus to attend those classes? And do you have an idea of what day those might be held on? Also, you listed a bunch of class options, so I’m assuming we just choose which classes we would like, so can you tell me how many classes our student will attend on the full day as well as the half?

  2. Tracy Andreasen says:

    I am interested right now. It seems straightforward and provides great direction. Could we use this with Lumen??

  3. Becca Crookston says:

    A friend and fellow homeschooling mom mentioned to me that Canyon Grove was looking at doing something out here in the Saratoga Springs/Eagle Mountain area. She said there is a tentative date for a meeting with I believe Kim Goates later this month. The week they are looking at I am gone at a conference. I’m interested in learning more about this. Is it this distance ed or is it different? I would love to have some more information on it. My older children will be 11 (6th) , 9 (4th) and 6 (1st) next school year.

  4. Julie Schoonover says:

    I understand there is to be an introductory meeting for this program on Thursday 3/17. Can you tell me what time and where? Thank you!

  5. Shannon Ipson says:

    I am interested for my 3 boys.

  6. Shannon Ipson says:

    I would like ctcmath.Com and time attack.

  7. Janelle olayan says:

    If life more info please. Specifically cost and time requirements. Thank you!

  8. Dania Garcia says:

    Interested in enrolling my son for 7th grade. Thank you

  9. Emillia A Fuller says:

    I live in West Jordan. Could we still sign up?

  10. Heather Hardy says:

    I am interested in speaking with someone about your distance learning program for the 2016-2017 school year for my 9 year old daughter. Thank you so much for your time!

  11. Megan Furness says:

    I would love to know more. Could you please contact me with more information? My son has autism. I don’t know if there’s any different requirements or anything different for functional skills student.

  12. Tammy Johnston says:

    I just applied my 2 children for the distance learning program. We live in Draper and I was wondering where the onsite special days would take place? In pleasant grove?

    Thank you
    Tammy Johnston

  13. Julene Humes says:

    I’d like the contact info for the person in charge of Distance Learning. I have some questions.


  14. Heather Hardy says:

    Hi…I have my daughter enrolled in the distance learning program for next year and was just wondering when we can expect to receive information on what day of the week she will attend there and what classes will be offered for the 1/2 day? Also, when we can order curriculum? Thank you so much!

  15. Cindy Watts says:

    I have a child with Asperger’s Syndrome. He will be entering 4th grade this year and, honestly, I don’t think either one of us are going to make it through another year of regular public school. Because my son has Asperger’s he needs to interact with other kids and with adults away from home and learn about social skills. I would like him to be able to go to our local public school for the afternoon and do home school in the morning each day. Our local school principal agrees that it may be just what he (and his class mates) need and is willing to work with us to make it happen. However, I need to find a home school that will work with this. I would like to make sure that he gets math, English and social studies at home as well as keyboarding skills. Is there some way that such a thing would work with your programs?

  16. Kore Miller says:

    More info, please.

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