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Canyon Grove Academy is located at 588 W 3300 N, Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062

You can contact the office at 801-785-9300 ~ FAX: 801-785-8997 ~


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  1. Hello,

    I was just curious as to what time you hold your Kindergarten classes each day. Just let me know.


  2. Reelika says:

    I am interested in your distance learning program. My son will be 8 this fall and will begin 3rd grade. What selective classes would be available to him?
    I am also very interested him taking the state tests, can be take these online or would he have to be present for these?
    What days do the kids usually come in for classes and for how long do these classes go?
    Do you offer access to Brain Attack ( for math speed drills) and BrainPop ( science, social studies etc.)
    Do kids need to submit weekly learning logs?
    Do you pay for any 3rd party classes – piano, dance?
    Thank you!

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