Discovery Space Center

We are excited to announce the Canyon Grove Space Center! State-of-the-art spaceship simulators have been built to provide our students with the chance to not only hear about the subjects, but experience and love them as well. The integrated school simulator program is putting students in an environment that is facilitating lifelong internalization, not just momentary regurgitation. It is a powerful tool that empowers students, unites the school, and enhances the classroom experience through curriculum enhancement, field trips, and after-school programs.


In the classroom our wonderful teachers provide the “how” of learning – how to do math, how events took place in history, etc. The simulator is in place to help provide the “why” of learning – why it matters, why we should care, etc. Students will have access to the simulator every day. Teachers will use this to bring the subjects they are currently covering to life in a meaningful and lasting way.


Students who attend Canyon Grove will also have the chance to facilitate learning for other students through the field trip program. Canyon Grove will be hosting multiple schools in the surrounding community as they take part in simulations. Our talented students will get to assist in providing the visiting students with guided instruction through their own simulations. AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAMS The simulator is not only an innovative educational tool, but also a thrilling entertainment choice. We hope that as many students as possible will get the chance to participate in the engaging afterschool program. Whether it be for their birthday party, school club, or just as a group of friends, the positive impacts are hard to avoid. The simulators will be open daily for the students to utilize at their choosing.

Watch the video below to learn more about how the Discovery Simulations space center will help your child learn science, math, history as well as competition and teamwork.

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  1. Laura Wooten says:


    I just filled out my application for distance learning for my 7th grader next year. Will this program be available to him, as a homeschooler??


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